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April 2019 Statement from the Kate Smith Commemorative Society
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Formed in 1967 as The Kate Smith USA Friends Club, with Kate Smith's blessing and active participation, we continue in her memory, with many longtime members.  We extend a hearty welcome for you to  join our large and growing membership.  We offer these services to members:


Advisory Committee

Sam Davis
Carol DeSutter
Bill Freeh, Jr.
Lois I. Salisbury
Sue A. Sann
Charles T. Shallcross
Laura Sherwood
Brian P. Wiggin
Raymond B. Wood, Chair

In Memoriam:
Richard K. Hayes, Co-Founder

Honorary Members

Michael Feinstin
Mary Miller
Fred Shay
Cindy Buell-Thompson

The Kate Smith Commemorative Society was established to formally rekindle the legend that is Kate Smith and to nurture the love for America that is so identified with her life.  Her vast musical repertoire is again available through audio- and videocassettes and compact discs.  The first comprehensive Kate Smith biography has been published.  And we have an impressive archive of the memorabilia of her 50-year career: 1926-1976.

KATE SMITH.  Just the mention of her name evokes a warm feeling of nostalgia in the hearts of millions who recall her thrilling renditions of popular ballads and her outgoing personality and infectious laughter. An untiring patriot, Kate Smith was honored by every President from Roosevelt, who called her an "American treasure", to Reagan, who gave her the highest civilian award in the nation, the Medal of Freedom. During the Second World War, she was personally credited with selling six hundred million dollars in Defense Bonds.  She has been called the First Lady of Song by her peers.  Voted one of the three most beloved and important women of her time, Kate Smith was the very embodiment of the American spirit and an inspiration to millions everywhere. Her popularity and her music transcended a half century, all the way from vaudeville to soft rock.  She introduced over six hundred popular songs.  More than twenty of her records were million sellers. As a true pioneer in both radio and television, her importance as a public personality is unsurpassed in the annals of broadcasting history. She is undeniably an American original!

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Kate and 'God Bless America'

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